Team development

Teamwork means doing! Not by good intentions, but by various actions and behaviours, a team uses the available space, and that gets results..

We distinguish three elemental team processes in team member behaviour that have a strongly positive effect on team performance:

  • Internal relations; How do we work together? What do we stand for and what binds us?
  • Task command; How do we organise our work? How do we take responsibility and how do we make smart decisions?
  • External relations; How do we handle the outside world? What do we get in return from other teams, our clients and our suppliers, which enable us to do our work even better?

You’ll find these team processes in every team. By measuring them and talking about them, you get to control them. By pointing out strengths and weaknesses within these team processes, you’ll find starting points for team development. By defining actions and developing interventions with the team and the supervisor, the team gets into action, and performance is enhanced systematically.