Since 1999, we have been working on the development and continuous enhancement of the Performability concept and instruments. Scientific research and practical application in varying organisations within Europe are the main point for that. Hundreds of teams within dozens of organisations are involved in our research.

The basis for the development of the Performability concept was laid with our 6-year long scientific study among 160 production and service teams at Volvo Trucks in Sweden. These teams were “followed” through time, and were studied for their development and performance. The concept developed with this was then researched and validated even more in various studies and applications in, among others, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish and Slovakian organisations.

The research carried out at Volvo, led to the dissertation “Team Development and Team Performance” (Ben Kuipers, 2005, University of Groningen), and was laureled with the prestigious “NOBEM Dissertation of the Year Award” and the “Best Dissertation Award” from the Dutch HRM Network (in the Netherlands and Flanders).

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A copy of the dissertation “Team Development and Team Performance” is available, along with various other publications via this website.