Strategic HRM and Business Partner

Quick developments in organisations and important challenges on the labour market require HRM staff which knows what it’s doing, and which has a strategic view on the HRM playfield. Managers are looking for a partner that supports them in this tension field of strategy and daily practice. Advisors, who can make a link between processes and employee, and between people and performance, are in high demand. This specialist-and-generalist-in-one is the new HR Business partner, and faces challenging questions:

  • How to determine which HR policy contributes to realising the organisational strategy?
  • How to attune organisation and staff to each other in the light of longer-term developments?
  • How to monitor the effects of the HR policy on the results?
  • As HR department, how to create the role and competences to become the natural business partner of the management board?

Performability helps HRM departments with the development of their strategic roles by answering these questions. We make use, among other things, of our SHRM model, which helps analyse the environment, determine strategy, make results insightful and attune the attributes of the organisation and the employees to each other. The roles and tasks fulfilled by HRM are central. Our model offers footing for the development of a balanced role as business partner. For a solid analysis, and as support for the necessary choices, Performability developed the Strategy & HR Scan and we use of all necessary metrics & analytics .

More information

Read more about Strategic HRM, especially within the public sector, in the book published by scientists from the Erasmus University Rotterdam.