Team Scan

The Performability Scan is a concept that links teamwork directly to team performance. The instruments used for this are easy to apply and are directly related to concrete performance measurements.

In short, the Performability Scan measures “soft” team processes and links these to “hard” results. This forms the basis for result-oriented development team performance. This this scan, three elementary team processes are very precisely measured;

  • Internal relations; How do we work together? What do we stand for and what binds us?
  • Task command; How do we organise our work? How do we take responsibility and how do we make smart decisions?
  • External relations; How do we handle the outside world? What do we get in return from other teams, our clients and our suppliers, which enables us to do our work even better?

Each of these processes has a clearly positive effect on hard performance measurements, such as quality, costs, absence and motivation.

All team members fill in our questionnaires (available in various languages!), on the internet or on paper. Performability will also help you to define and measure performance indicators. We also determine the effectiveness of leadership styles and other important input for teamwork. After processing of the data, we are able to create an accurate image of the development and performance of any team. The strengths and the development potential of the teams are simply made insightful. On some points, the teams within an organisation will show clear similarities, while in other aspects they are very specific to a team.

Using the outcomes of the scan, Performability helps management boards and teams to enhance those aspects that directly contribute to the making of goals and reinforcing the performance.