Team of Holland

Who will be the Team of Holland

Show the best of your team on a real TV set during this audition, and use all your team talent! In the game show, you’ll be guided through various questions and assignments. What is your unique bond? How do you smartly divide your work? Your first steps towards becoming the top team of the Netherlands will be recorded on site by a complete film crew from FreshTV

The Team of … your own organisation!

With The Team of Holland, you can discover the team talent within your own organisation. FreshTV and Performability will come to you with a complete TV set. Your own teams can participate and showcase their own talents. We adapt the format to your needs: we can take more time per team, and we can focus on the central themes within your organisation. Furthermore, the concept is a thrilling and educational part in a broader talent programme. Create a unique team experience for employees and focus on the important questions in your organisation at the same time. Afterwards, you’ll get a nicely finished TV show in HD quality, with which you can showcase your talents, both within and outside your organisation.

And there are a lot more possibilities:

  • Share your best-practices in your organisation via a professional web-TV programme
  • Let the team visualise the team plan themselves, instead of a report which goes unread in a lot of cases
  • Use web-TV as a part of a social media policy, aimed at clients and potential employees
  • Or discuss other possibilities and ideas with us