Extreme teams

Collaborating with a group of students from the Haagse Hogeschool, Performability has executed a project regarding so-called “Extreme teams”.

These teams work under extreme circumstances and require narrowly-tuned cooperation at the moments it matters. What can we learn in practice from these teams?

To answer this question, interviews and visits were made with leaders in varying organisations. They were asked what the questions regarding teamwork were, and with which extreme team they would identify.

Next, 6 extreme teams were selected in the categories of “saving lives”, “professional sports” and “art and culture”, among which were a rescue brigade, a professional volleyball team and a dancing team.

The study taught 12 important lessons. We had these illustrated by the artist Julia Bolchakova, who summarised them all in a funny cartoon.

The lessons and cartoons were published in the form of a team calendar, with which your own team can plan activities and track events (such as birthdays). The calendar can be downloaded on the bottom. You can also request a printed copy via contact.