Performability Netwerk

Our network consists of certified advisors in all of Europe. Together, we work on the development of knowledge and experience about teamwork and performance enhancement in organisations.

Performability - Netherlands

Ben Kuipers (1975) studied Business Administration and has specialised in teamwork, performance management, strategic HRM and organisational change. In 2005, he established Performability, and he is also tied to the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He advises industrial and service organisations that want to work on performance enhancement together with their people. His research at Volvo between 1999 and 2005 gained him various international awards.

Erutveckling - Sweden

Esko Rajala has been a management consultant for over 20 years. In his work, the development of relations between people, leadership and work methods play a central role. He has been using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for more than 10 years to develop people and the understanding of each other. Esko works with management and teamwork in both the industry and the public sector.

Onverharde weg - Netherlands

Jouko van der Mast helps educational establishments and other organisations with the development of their organisation and their people. As an organisational advisor and interim manager, he aims at a realistic way of changing, close to the people and their work. He has been doing this since 2011, with his consultancy Onverharde Weg.

Maxman Consultants - Slovakia and the Czech Republic

Peter Benkovič is a consultant, trainer, and facilitator in organisational development, Human Resource & Management Development, sales process improvement and outdoor teambuilding. His professional background is one of an organisational psychologist. He was schooled and qualified in the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland. His clients are both large multinationals and local companies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. He wrote more than 20 articles in management magazines and newspapers.

Upstream Consulting - Netherlands

Dennis Boutkan works as an organisational advisor and he’s also Managing Partner at Upstream Consulting. He is often asked to guide organisations through team development, cooperation and absence questions. Dennis is a Labour- & Organisation psychologist, and he works for both public and private organisations, but his clients also comprise non-profits. As a coach, he guides supervisors on their leadership and their personal functioning.